International Journal of Technology and Development Studies
Volume 2 (Summer 2011)

Sustainability and the EU Controversy on Agri-Biotechnology: Radical Change or Ecological Modernization?

  • Franz Seifert

Conflicting Regulatory Systems for Natural Resources Management in Southern Mexico: An ethnographic case study

  • Francisco Guevara-Hernández, Nils M. McCune, Heriberto Gómez-Castro, René Pinto-Ruiz, Francisco J. Medina-Jonapá, Adalberto Hernández-López, and Carlos Tejeda-Cruz

The Contested Framing of Biosafety Regulation as a Tool for Ehancing Public Awareness: Insights from the Kenian regulatory process and bioaware strategy

  • Ann Njoki Kingiri

Neo-liberal Policies and Poverty: Effects of policies on poverty and poverty reduction in Turkey

  • Murat Öztürk

The Social-environmental Aftermaths of Paraguay Eastern Boder Region Colonization and Occupation

  • Henrique M. Silva