Kyoto Conference 2007
Reconstructing Agro-biotechnologies for Development?

Tailoring Biotechnologies Kyoto Conference 2007

Reconstructing Agro-biotechnologies for Development?

November 3-5, 2007, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

November 3, Saturday

1030-1040 Opening speech

Shuji Hisano (Kyoto University, Japan)

1040-1120 Keynote speech (1)

Guido Ruivenkamp (Wageningen University &Vrije University of Amsterdam, NL) "Tailoring Biotechnologies: A manifesto"

1120-1200 Keynote speech (2)

Rachel Schurman (University of Minnesota, USA) & William Munro (Illinois Wesleyan University) "G(L)ocal Activism and the 'Biotechnology Project'"

1200-1330 Lunch

1330-1530 Session (1) - Contested Biotechnology, Ways Forward [Chair: Joost Jongerden]

Franz Seifert (University of Vienna, Austria) "Austrian NIMBYs, French NIABYs, Different National Contexts for Peasant GMO Opposition and Their Impacts on Modern Biotechnology"

Guido Nicolosi (University of Catania, Italy) "Communic(e)ating: Communication and the Social Embedding of Food"

Seiko Yoshida & Hirokazu Matsui (Hokkaido University, Japan) "Social Aspects of the Regulation ofGM Crops in Hokkaido: An Attempt to Redesign of Risk Communication"

Les Levidow (Open University, UK) "Democratising Agri-Biotechnology? European Public Participation in Agbiotech Assessment"

1530-1545 Coffee break

1545-1745 Session (2) - Policies and the Making of Biotechnology Development [Chair: Wietse Vroom]

George Essegbey (Science and Technology Policy Research Institute, Ghana) "Biotechnology Policy: The Myth and Reality in Sub-Saharan Africa"

Elibariki Emamnuel Msuya (PhD student, Kyoto University, Japan) "Reconstructing Agro-biotechnology in Tanzania"

William A. Munro (Illinois Wesleyan University) "Risks, Rights, and Regulation: The Policies of Agricultural Biotechnology in South Africa"

Wânia Rezende Silva & Raimundo Pereira Neto (State University of maringa, Brazil) "The Use of Transgenic Soybean in a Country of Agribusiness: Conflicts and Challenges among Brazilian Government, Farmers and Research Agencies"

1800-2000 Conference dinner

November 4, Sunday

0900-1010 A documentary film: Tailoring Biotechnologies for Development

1010-1050 Keynote speech (3)

Les Levidow (Open University, UK) "European Quality Agriculture as an Alternative Bio-economy"

1050-1210 Session (3) - Potentiality of Reflection, Actuality of Reconstruction [Chair: Guido Ruivenkamp]

Shuji Hisano (Kyoto University, Japan) "Ethicisation of Biotechnology Research, Politicisation of Biotechnology Ethics"

Joost Jongerden (Wageningen University & Vrije University of Amsterdam, NL) "First the Peasant? Some Reflections on Modernity, Technology and Reconstruction"

Wietse Vroom (PhD student, Wageningen University & Vrije University of Amsterdam,NL) "International Agricultural Development as Contested Ground: Three Levels of Resistance and Reconstruction"

1210-1340 Lunch

1340-1510 Session (4) - IPR and New Technology Regime [Chair: Joost Jongerden]

Eric Deibel (PhD student, Wageningen University & Vrije University of Amsterdam, NL) "Recoding Life in Common: A Critical Approach of Post-nature"

Yoshiki Otsuka (Musashi Institute of Technology, Japan) "The Biofuel Regime: A Constellation of Food, Biotechnology, Climate, Energy and Automobility"

Elta Smith (PhD student, Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, USA) & Kaushik Sunder Rajan (University of California, Irvine, USA) "Therapeutic Values: Food, Drugs and the Promise of Health"

1510-1530 Special session [Chair: Shuji Hisano]

Yoshifumi Ikejima (PhD student, Kyoto University, Japan) & Shuji Hisano "Rediscovering Locality: A Case of Traditional Vegetables in Kyoto"

1530-1545 Coffee break

1545-1645 Plenary session [Chair: Joost Jongerden]

1645-1700 Closing speech

Guido Ruivenkamp

1800-2000 Dinner/Social programme

Tour sample: 1800~ Kodaiji Temple (garden light-up) -- 1900~ Gion Corner (Japanese traditional arts and entertainment) -- 2000~ Dinner

November 5, Monday

0930-1700 Excursion

Tour sample: 930 Kyoto University -- 1020~1200 Kyoto Prefectural Agricultural Research Institute -- 1300~1600 Agricultural landscape and direct-marketing outlets for local products (Kameoka-city) -- Sagano Scenic Railway (from Kameoka 1615 to Sagano 1640)